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“The Cloud” – Working with Creative Energy Over Time: Part Two

Continuing to attempt to reconnect with painting sketches and notes created back in 1994 for paintings that were never realized, I began working with the second such notated sketch, for a painting of another dream image. Although the 12 x

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The Source:
Working with Creative Energy Over Time

Back in the studio after a rather long hiatus; wondering what I would paint; knowing that after a break of several months, it would be impossible to go back to the exact atmosphere or reconnect with the same energy of

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New painting in process

Orange-red, midnight sky, full moon, cougar, and crystal mountain. A new painting is taking form.

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"Creating a work of art is essentially a conversation between artist and image that begins long before brush is put to canvas and continues on long after the painting is physically finished."
- Scarlet Kinney